The Fragrance Wheel

A fragrance wheel, also known as a perfume wheel or aroma wheel, is a visual and olfactory tool used in the world of perfumery and fragrance analysis. It is designed to help categorize and describe the various scents and notes found in perfumes and fragrances.

The fragrance wheel typically consists of a circular diagram divided into different sections or segments, each representing a different fragrance category or family. These categories are further divided into subcategories, creating a hierarchical structure that helps individuals identify and classify the primary and secondary scents present in a fragrance.

The purpose of the fragrance wheel is to provide a standardized way to communicate and discuss the complex and multifaceted aromas found in perfumes. Perfumers, fragrance enthusiasts, and professionals use it as a reference tool to better understand and describe the intricate composition of scents, making it easier to select and create fragrances that appeal to specific preferences and tastes.